Flammet, exclusive dealership


Flammet, exclusive dealership

Flammet, exclusively available from Stone


Offerdal, also known as Flammet, comes from Sweden. The name refers to a village located north of the E14 from Trondheim, Norway, to Ostersund (Sweden). Flammet is one of the strongest materials available making the stone suitable for almost any application.

The quarry has been worked for around 50 year and has been under the umbrella of the Stone Group for more than 30 years.

The quarry and the factory had their heyday in the 1970s. The material was known and praised for the aforementioned qualities. If it had to be strong, then it had to be Flammet. Then two problems arose.

On the one hand a sortage of material arose as the quarry ran empty. On the other, with globalisation, more and more good and less expensive alternatives came on the market. With its difficult quarrying, in a European country with high wage standards, Flammet fell on hard times.

Then, geologists found a new quartz vein, which is still being mined to this day. The quarry is healthy and ready for the future!



The Stone Group has a rich past with the supplier Minera, in Scandinavia. More precisely, for more than forty years the Swedish Company, Skiferbolaget (now part of the Minera Group and responsible for mining Offerdal, aka Flammet), was actually part of the Stone Group, under Ludo Van Passel.

Since then, Stone has been exclusively marketing the Offerdal material worldwide, under the name Flammet. Enormous projects from the Benelux to Guadeloupe and from Seattle to Japan are the result of these efforts.

When Ludo Van Passel decided to sell his group of companies, Stone Londerzeel came into the hands of Rinaldo Castelli and Skifferbolaget was sold to the Swedish group Minera.

In the meantime, Stone has entered into another agreement for the exclusive sales right to Flammet. Not only this history but also extremely good relationships between Stone and Minera have led to the companies making the joint decision to de dedicate themselves to the promotion and distribution of the wonderful material FLAMMET.


La Défence, Paris


City Hall, Seattle


Van Abbe museum, Eindhoven



Flammet remains a unique material. With the advent of wellness centres and spas, Flammet is finding a new, rewarding application. Such uses generally require a material that is not only resistant in humid environments but, with its rough beauty Flammet also fulfils the requirement for a natural stone that reflects its origins in nature with its raw beauty. The warm, restful colour, with its characteristic sparkle, provides an additional aesthetic element.

Stone is convinced this material merits a special place in the range.



On the occasion of the renewed cooperation. From left to right: Rinaldo Castelli (General Manager Stone), Rene Rabaey (Commercial Director Stone), Bãrd Lohne (Group Controller Minera) and Harald Tverberg (Commercial Director Minera)


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