Stone & social responsibility

Stone is proud to be the first firm in the Benelux to be able to carry the WIN=WIN label together with its trusted Asian suppliers.

What does WIN=WIN actually mean in terms of stone?
1. It is a top label like Max Havelaar
2. Suppliers are not exploited
3. Working conditions are subject to strict controls
4. Guaranteed safety of workers in production and quarries
5. No child labour
6. Quality control of the materials produced
7. Environmentally aware production
8. Recycling of waste products and packaging
9. Only professionals
With WIN=WIN there are only winners in the stone trade!

WIN=WIN Associates
The WIN=WIN “Associated Partner” certification means we can permit our Stone customers to use this logo. Our customer are then supporting the Stone WIN=WIN policy. The annual cost price for all Stone WIN=WIN products is 250 Euros.

Product groups for WIN=WIN 2011
Montal - Palladio Gamma - Artic White - Ortis

WIN=WIN and public works

Together with WIN=WIN we are also endeavouring to make cities aware of this working method, through a European parliamentary bill.
In all districts in Switzerland and in the majority of the big cities in Germany, for example, supplies for public works must bear this label. All non-registered traders offering material for sale in the big cities are excluded.

Can this label be misused?
Yes, but only briefly. The sublime container tracking system clearly indicates the factory/quarry from which materials come. Any infringement of the conditions for deliveries bearing the WIN=WIN labels carries the penalty of the loss of the label.

More information on WIN=WIN?
Click on the link below for the brochure, or contact us.

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